Tesla Model 3 | Dog Mode & Sentry Mode

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Animal Legal Defense Fund provides a list of the various states in the U.S. conforming to the ‘hot car’ laws whereby a passer-by can inform the authorities if they see a distress dog inside a ‘hot car’.

Tesla added two new features: Dog mode and Sentry Mode features in Tesla Model 3

Tesla has been listening to the voices of their car owners and implementing the necessary features. New features will be added to its new software version across Tesla’s model. This additional feature was rumored to have been added due to a car owner’s Tweet and was responded in good faith by Elon Musk.

In Dog Mode feature, owner can set a temperature (sensor) and set a display notice with the 15- inch touchscreen inside the car such as ‘My owner will be back soon’. This feature would provide a concern passerby to feel at ease knowing that the dog inside the car is safe.

In Sentry Mode, car owners should manually turn on the function that triggers the video recording of any attempt of break-in to the car, plus its alarm activation. This additional security feature helps recorded footage to be useful for legal and insurances purposes. This security feature is in addition to its child safety features, among others.

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Image Courtesy of Tesla Motor Club

Tesla 3 has taken a step further, and have shown a positive response to ensuring that their car owners are happy with their needs. As a pet owner, ensuring that my pet is safe and secure is my biggest concern. Nothing can replace a loyal and best friend I found with my dog. Thanks, much Tesla for the Dog Mode feature. I am sure he is as happy to be in the car, as I am.

What do you think of these two new features on Tesla Model 3 Cars?