How To Use Google Maps

12 Helpful Tips You Should Know On How To Use Google Maps

Have you ever experience a day without stress or worries? Do you agree with me that there are a lot of things to do on a daily basis, perhaps at work, at home, or at any occasions? We are over-loaded with information, and it is mind boggling and stressful at times.

Have you ever missed an important business meeting, or have forgotten about where you parked your car? How about when you travel, and you have to plan your places to visits? Thanks to Google Maps (G Map), you do not need to worry or to add additional stress to your daily life.

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G Map is literally the solution for almost all of our problems if we are trying to reach a destination or to get rid of the busy routine of a normal day. It offers some features that will make you think you have an assistant by you to organize your day more effectively. 

G Map helps you to save more time doing the things you have to do. Most people uses Google Maps at the basic level, but there is more to know in it. G Maps is a helpful tool to help solve our problems in our daily lives. 

Here is the how-to guide on using G Maps

1. How To Find Train and Bus Schedules

It provides you with informative solutions while you prepare your plans. You might be new at your job, or starting to work in a new office. You have to take the public transportation and you don’t know how to get there.

All you have to do is to enter the location of the place and tap on the button with the picture of a bus or a train on it. It will provide you a few options that you could choose. All of them are shown with time specific details and even the walking distance you have to take.

If you have to transfer to another bus or train, it can give you the name or the number of the train. It could even help you more and give you the name of the subway exit you have to go out of to reach your destination. 

When you tap on the start button at the right button of the map, it directs you to the instructions page that also shows the directions and the roads. 

2. How To Share Your Location

Let’s say, for example, you are at Borough Hall, Brooklyn, and would like to share your location. When you open G Map, it will tell you where you are located. Then, all you have to do is to click on the Share icon (next to the print-icon).

When clicked, a windows pops-up, and you can choose to share via a link, or to embed the map. Just copy the link, and send it via Facebook, Twitter, or any Messaging App. This is especially a great tool when someone asked you of your location, or when you are lost at an unfamiliar area.

3. How to Find Street View

Google Maps has an excellent real-time views of locations. You only need to tap on the street view button and you can easily see the place you are trying to reach. The street view of the place will give you the chance to see the cafes, shops, restaurants and anything around the place you are trying to go and it will make it easier to find the location.

When you look for the location and find it on Google Maps, you will see a small picture of the street view of the place you are looking for at the left bottom of the page. You can tap on it and it will come as a whole picture of the street you will go to. You can look around and find your destination very easily.

4. How To Navigate Easily With Voice Assistant

Google Maps can simply give you directions for any destination you are trying to reach. You just have to enter the name of the location when your location settings are on, then it will direct you to drive along the most appropriate road to take. 

But the most amazing thing about it when it comes to giving directions is that it could both show you the route you could take on the map, and it has a voice feature that would help you drive and listen to the instructions at the same time. You don’t have to try to look at the route and drive at the same time.

As you can see, it makes your life easier in many ways. You will see a speaker symbol on the right corner at the top under the search button. If you tap on it, it will give you symbols for both muted and un-muted options. You can choose the one you prefer for your way to your destination.

5. How To Choose Route

We know time is critical for everyone. Especially in rush hours or the busy days, if you don’t watch out the time you will have to spend on the way, you might end up getting late to work or school. 

Google Maps sorts that out for you, too. Besides giving options to reach a destination, it also gives you the amount of time you will spend on the way.

What is amazing about Google Maps is that it gives you several options to choose to get to your destination. You can choose to ‘Leave Now’ or to ‘Depart At’ and it will show you traffic information, and time needed to get to your destination. 

Furthermore, there is an options tab. In the Options Tab, you can choose to avoid toll roads, ferries, or Highway.

6. How to Use Schedule Explorer

G Map Schedule Explorer shows you several schedules to your preferred destination. If you do take public transportation, you may need to walk to your nearest train station, or to disembark at the nearest train station and walk to your destination. 

The schedule explorer will show you the time it takes for walking, and riding on public transport to get to your destination. Click on the Schedule Explorer Tab, and a pop-up windows open. You can now schedule the time most convenient to you.

7. How To Find Parking

Finding parking has never been easier with G Map. When you open your G Map, just type ‘parking’ where you are located. Or for example if I am at NY University, and need to park, simply, type ‘Parking New York University‘ and it will show all the parking facilities around the area. You can choose your desired parking spot.

Once you have found your parking location, you can also choose to save the location of the parking facility. This will help you to find your way back to the parking spot especially if you are new to the area, and unfamiliar with the surrounding area. 

8. How to Find Places to Eat

Are you traveling to a new destination, and wanting to find a good ethnic restaurant near you? Or have you ever wonder where to eat to try someplace new? 

Whether at a local or at a foreign place, Google Maps can help you find places to eat nearby. It is a great tool to discover new eateries, and to find reviews too.

Once you are set in a location, either type ‘restaurant’ in the search box, or tap on the red restaurant icon on the map, and it will show you the description of the eatery. You will find photos, address, phone numbers, reviews, hours of operation, popular time, menu, and some allow you to make a reservation over G Map. 

There is a ‘ More Options’ tab for you to filter the type of cuisine, the price range, and to check out its ratings. Isn’t that convenient and brilliant? Thanks for helping us to make quick and easy decisions when it comes to “where should we eat?”

9. How to Save Your Map

When you open your G Map, it will scan your location (when you have enabled location sharing). You can then save the location as your home address, or your work address. To use this personalized setting, you will need to log into your g mail account.

More personalized information are available to you if you allow Google Map to keep all your information for easy access in the future. When you click on the Menu Tab, you will see multiple personalized fields such as ‘Notifications’, ‘Location sharing’, ‘Your places’, ‘Your contributions’, ‘Your Timeline’ etc 

10. How to Schedule Multiple Destinations

If you are driving from New York to Hartford, and have entered the two destination parameters in the search box, Google Maps will show you the direction, arriving time and traffic. If you wish to add destinations between trips, you can use the ‘Add Destination’ button, and you can enter a new destination.

This is useful when you plan a trip, and would like to add a stop-by location along the first two parameters, and then resume your scheduled trip. Therefore, once you have entered your starting and final destination, you can also add multiple stops easily.

How-To Find-Hotel-G-Maps
11. How To Search Hotel Nearby

Similar to finding a restaurant on where to eat, you can use Google Maps to find a hotel near you. This is especially helpful when you feel like you need to take a rest for an unscheduled overnight stay on a long trip.

In here, you can check on the ambience of the hotel, the cost, the ratings and reviews, plus you can make a reservation when available.

I can attest for its usefulness as I had on several occasions needed to stop on a long distance trip but did not make prior hotel reservation since I felt I would have been okay without a stop in between trips.

12. How to Find Broadway Musicals Shows

I love Broadway shows and Musicals, and I hope you do too and have enjoyed your lifetime experiences with live performances. To find Broadway Shows and Musical Performances, simply type in the name of the Broadway show, or the theatre name, and Google Maps will show you the location, and even the upcoming events. 

Check the reviews, and photos of the theatre to make yourself familiar with it before you travel to that theatre. All the information of that Theatre is available including their website, and their phone number so that you can further research on your needs for buying a ticket or making enquiries. 


How-to guide on using G Maps

Google Maps is really friendly to use. It is very intuitive as well because you are allowed to contribute to make it better to help others. In every aspect, there are contribution or feedback button to ‘write reviews’, ‘add a photo’, ‘suggest an edit’, and more. 

Look for clickable buttons where you can help improve Google Maps. Your contributions, and feedback would help many other people looking for the same thing but may not be a feature yet.

Make Google Maps your go to app, or especially when you are planning for a direction to get you there on time. It acts as your personal assistant right at your fingertips when you need it most. It never wants to fail you. G Map is a brilliant and a helpful guide right by your side.

I have gathered these 12 How-to Helpful Tips to Use Google Maps that is most important to me. I hope it is helpful to you. Also, if traveling by car, make sure you get the best portable jump car kit just in case your car battery dies off unexpectedly. 

How about for you? If you need to add another important tip on how to use Google Maps, please send contact me. I would be glad to include it on this How To Use Google Maps guide.

Let’s help other people learn how Google Maps can help them on a daily basis.

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