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5 Free Video Downloader

How to download videos at YouTube? There are several YouTube downloader video software you can get online, but it is recommended to read up on these before you start utilizing them. 

Firstly, YouTube technically doesn’t allow any type of downloading from its servers, unless you are the owner of the video. This is because there are legal implications involved such as copyright violations and related dangers. Do check on Youtube’s policies before downloading. 

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5 Free How To YouTube Download Video | Video Downloader

So, always be aware of these implications before you go ahead with this article or using this type of YouTube video downloading software, just to stay on the safe side.

The second variable that needs to be considered is how these YouTube Download Video platforms compare to each other. Even though these YouTube download software are free to use, it doesn’t mean they all provide the same experience. Some platforms are going to be better than others, and this is what this article aims to clear up. 

So, in no particular order, here are 5 Free YouTube Download Video software you should probably test out. 

1. Free YouTube Download


If you are the type of person that likes to get straight to the point, definitely check out Free YouTube Download. It doesn’t have an extensive range of features as the others on this list. But it does save you time thanks to the automatic video download option. That’s right, you don’t even have to click to download, but only when the automatic feature is activated.

In terms of using this particular YouTube Download Video, you simply copy and paste the downloading videos from you tube URL and choose how the conversion should take place. For example, what type of file do you want it to be and do you need the footage?

  • You are able to download several videos at once
  • Automatic downloading videos for more speed and convenience
  • No distractions whatsoever/li>
  • Only 3-minute videos or less can be downloaded

Overall Rating: 5/10

Yes, the only disadvantage of using Free YouTube Download is the limited length of the video you can download, although, it is significant enough to bring down the rating. But if you can get past this, then try it out.

2. aTube Catcher


Unlike the previous video downloader, aTube Catcher offers a variety of features you can utilize. For example, you can record on-screen videos, merge while downloading, and you can even burn a disc with this platform. 

However, it requires an installation before it can be used, which is also where the platform loses points. Seeing as it comes with adware, this could be a deal-breaker for some.

Apart from the adware you want to avoid installing, you are looking at some flexible software that can get the job done when downloading videos from you tube. Just put in the link and choose what the ultimate result should be.

  • A variety of features
  • Easy to use
  • Can download from several popular streaming sites including YouTube
  • Tweak bandwidth
  • Adware with the installer

Overall Rating: 7/10

aTube Catcher might not be the best choice when compared to others on the list, but it definitely deserves a mention, especially if you want solid YouTube downloading software. There is also the matter of being able to adjust the bandwidth allocation, which is rarely available with a free platform. 

3. Any Video Converter


Nobody is questioning that Any Video Converter deserves to rank among the best video downloading software available, but it also creates a frustrating position when you need to rank it for a like this. Because even the free version is impressive, but the limitations can put it at the back of the line.

In addition to downloading streaming videos from most major platforms, you get to play around with these videos through the editor. Utilizing the editor section, you can add special effects and change things up. But what makes the free version so frustrating? You can only download one video at a time unless you upgrade to the premium package.

  • An extensive range of formats to convert to
  • Built-in movie editor
  • Very user-friendly and quick to master
  • No batch downloads available for the free version
  • Adware comes with the installation

Overall Rating: 8/10

All in all, even the free version of Any Video Converter should keep you busy for a while thanks to the features and possibilities. However, there are converters that might just be more lucrative to work with.

4. WinX YouTube Downloader


Very close to being the ultimate favorite on the list of free YouTube Download Video software, WinX is a very popular choice for several good reasons. First off, the interface is incredibly user-friendly. And it’s a matter of copying and pasting the URL from YouTube or any of the other big players in the game like DailyMotion. 

For those who like to download a bunch of videos at once, you simply add the links to a list, followed by a click on the “download” button. Then you sit back and watch the magic happen. This is the easiest downloading videos from you tube software now.

You will be hard-pressed to find a platform with such a solid design, not to mention the format possibilities on offer. So if you want a YouTube downloader you can bookmark right now, WinX is recommended with both thumbs up.  

  • Batch downloading is incredibly easy and quick
  • Solid platform and user-friendly interface
  • Good format options
  • You can download from over thirty sites, which includes YouTube
  • You can’t download 360-degree videos

Overall Rating: 9/10

Without a shadow of a doubt, WinX gets a very good rating based on everything mentioned above. And the point it is losing speaks to the lack of 360-degree videos – an option available for the last and favorite platform. 

5. 4K Video Downloader


As stated at the beginning of this article, this list wasn’t created in a specific order, and everyone will ultimately have their own opinion. But based on all the factors that go into great and free YouTube downloading software, 4K Video Downloader tends to rise above its peers.

For starters, the variety of ways you can tweak and customize your you tube to downloads – especially when you want to avoid YouTube from blocking your IP – can really help if you are a serious downloader. But then you also get the smooth and sleek interface, which is very user-friendly and simple to master.

Now add the fact that it supports 3D and 360-degree videos, and there won’t be any ads to interfere with your experience. Then finish it off with a format conversion choice you can really smile about. If you want to balance speed with quality, you are at liberty to do so with 4K. 

  • Very impressive format range
  • It allows you to download playlists
  • You can customize the platform to suit your habits and needs
  • You won’t find any ads
  • Supports 3D and 360-degree videos
  • You have to pay for extras

Overall Rating: 10/10

In spite of the fact that you need to pay for the extra goodies provided by 4K Video Downloader, the free version is nothing short of very impressive.


How To Youtube Dowload Video? Considering that every platform mentioned in this article is free to use right now – and you can prevent the ad software from installing – you will find each one useful for different purposes. 

But if you want a single platform you can run to on a daily basis, try out 4K and WinX first. Also, keep in mind the legal implications of YouTube before you start downloading.

Test these Video Downloader for YouTube and see which one fits your needs. However, please be reminded that you should read the YouTube policies before downloading video. 

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