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Smart watches have been popular in today’s demanding knowledge economy. In part, there is a great demand for immediate updates on the activities of our lives. A busy lifestyle deserves the best smartwatch. 

Your busy life needs a smart assistant, and your best smartwatch to buy can be your ‘tag-along’ assistant to alert and to remind you of your task list you have created.

Smartwatches are able to sync with other devices such as the smartphone, or the laptop. These Bluetooth smartwatch with connected devices are able to communicate with each other.

However, you must first instruct or set-up these connections, just like you would with any Bluetooth capable devices.

How to choose the best Smart Watch to buy?

Smart watches are gradually becoming a necessity. Naturally, the market is offering more and more options. Just like a Smartphone, it is important to choose the right Smartwatch too. Here are a few selection of smart watches to consider when making the investment.

Best Smart Watches To Buy

1. Samsung Galaxy– Affordable – Check Reviews

  • Android/IOS/GPS – Tracking – Yes
  • Diameter – 46mm (1.8 inch)
  • Water Resistant – 50 meter (165 ft)
Image Credit: Samsung Corp

2. Sony Digital Dial – Affordable Check Reviews
  • Android Wear/GPS – Tracking- N/A
  • Diameter – 45mm (1.77 inch)
  • Water Resistant – Waterproof
Image Credit: Sony Corp

3. Fitbit Ionic – Fitness Affordable Check Reviews
  • FitBit Apps/GPS – Tracking – Yes
  • Diameter – 48mm (1.89 inch)
  • Water Resistant – 50 meter (165 ft)
Image Credit: Fitbit

4. Garmin Fenix 5 – Explorer – High-End Check Reviews
  • Android/IOS/GPS – Tracking – Yes
  • Diameter – 50mm (2 inch)
  • Water Resistant – Waterproof
Image Credit-Garmin Corp

5. Fossil Smartwatch – Affordable Check Reviews
  • Android Wear/GPS – Tracking – Yes
  • Diameter – 45mm (1.77 inch)
  • Water Resistant – 30 meter (100 ft)
Image Credit: Fossil

6. Diesel Full Guard 2.5 – Fashion Affordable Check Reviews
  • Android Wear/GPS – Tracking – Yes
  • Diameter – 48mm (1.89 inch)
  • Water Resistant – 50 meter (165 ft)
Image Credit: Diesel

7. Alpina Horological – Great Quality Check Reviews
  • Android/IOS – Tracking – Yes
  • Diameter – 45mm (1.77 inch)
  • Water Resistant – 100 meters (330 ft)
Image Credit: Alpina

8. Withings HR Sport – Budget Check Reviews
  • Android/IOS/GPS – Tracking – Yes
  • Diameter – 40mm (1.57 inch)
  • Water Resistant – 50 meter (165 inch)
Image Credit: Withings


How To Choose The Best Smart Watch To Buy for compability?

Your Smartwatch works by connecting to your Smartphone. Therefore, the first thing to check is that the Smartwatch is compatible with your Smartphone.

It is better to opt for a watch that works with pretty much all Smartphones.

This way, if you change your phone in the future, you won’t have to worry about changing your Smartwatch too.

Health & Fitness Tracker

What is a Smartwatch without a heartbeat recorder or a step-counter? Since Smart watches are always on your wrist, they’re a great way to track your movement.

Some even let you track the number of glasses of water you drink every day. The infrared sensor measures your heartbeat after specific time intervals to ensure that your body is working normally.

Best Smart Watches - Check Reviews & Sale Price

Battery life Of Smart Watches

Smart watches do make your life easier with all the features they offer. However, they would be of no use if your Smartwatch keeps running out of battery.

Good battery timing is a vital feature to look at when buying this Smart device. Some extraordinary Smart watches offer up to 6 to 7 days of battery life. But, that is a rare case.

Usually, a Smartwatch battery will serve you for 24 to 48 hours. The smart move will be to never opt for a watch that has less than one day’s battery timing.

Cellular connection

Basically, a Smartwatch is meant to be an alternative for your Smartphone. It is supposed to fulfill all the basic needs that a Smartphone user has, without the user having to stick to their phone all day long. For this, the Smartwatch must have cellular connectivity.

Some watches come with a Sim slot and can make calls independently, without requiring a connection with a Smartphone. However, others establish a Bluetooth connection with the phone. If your phone is within reach, you can make calls and send messages from your Smartwatch.

This feature also let you receive notifications from selective apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Skype, etc. It is an important quality to consider. This is the ultimate feature that makes Smart watches an easier gadget to carry than Smartphones.

Applications (Apps for Smartwatch)

Find the best Smart watches that has some built-in memory. It lets you install apps. These can be additional features such as connection with a Smart TV.

When connected the watch works as a remote screen, or as an entertainment app such as for games.

The mere facility of having the option to install apps makes a Smartwatch very convenient. Even if your Smart watch missed a couple of qualities you’d like to have, you can probably find an app to compensate.

Apps will let you customize your Smartwatch as much as you like which enhances the user experience.

Consider the pros and cons of Smartwatch options by looking into these important aspects.

Choose a device that will work best in your situation! We have selected a few favorite smartwatches based on features, functionalities, design, and budget.

Check it out to see if it fits your style.

Best Smartwatch For Women

What is important to you when purchasing Smart Watches?

Do you like to be alerted about new messages coming into your inbox? How about a reminder of today’s appointment that you have set in your laptop or computer’s calendar? Two of the best features we love most is the text alert and in-coming phone call when our smartphone is either set to silent-mode or vibration-mode.

Other amazing features include connectivity to the Bluetooth Headphones, tracking of heartbeats, sleep patterns and activities.

In this best list of best smart watch, we list the popular brands of Smartwatch, features, smartwatch apps, Tracking (fitness, heartbeats, sleep patterns), diameter (right sizing for your wrist), and water-resistant. All of these smart watches have notifications capabilities.


We hope you find this ‘How to choose the Best Smart Watch to buy’ review helpful.

Favorite Best Smartwatch: Watches Design & Fashion

When it comes to wearing something on your body, you want it to look great on you. Besides the feature, and functionality, the design of the smartwatches matters to most people.

What about you? Does the look and feel of wearing a smartwatch on your wrist matters to you?

Check the diameter if it is too large on your wrist. How would you match smart watch with your fashion, your looks, and your image at a wedding dinner, at work, or at a gym?

There are many variations of Smart Watches. Most importantly, when you choose a smartwatch, ensure that it is a genuine product and not a fake.

How do you spot a fake smartwatch? The best and simplest way is to purchase it from a well-known legit seller. A legitimate well-known online e-commerce super store is Amazon. Amazon is known (world-wide) for its best price, and ‘after-purchase’ customer support.

Do not let price alone to influence your best smartwatch purchase decisions. Check Smart Watch price based on its quality, features, and design. If you are looking for a wrist tracker to monitor your health, and fitness programs, check out some reviews on Fitbit too. 

Furthermore,  the best watches for women with all the new features of 2019 is available. It makes a perfect gift that she’ll love for a long time.