Which Bluetooth Smart Speakers to Buy?

 What do you actually know about Bluetooth smart speakers?

Do you already have a pair? Are you looking to make your first purchase of portable speakers? Whether you’re already a fan or you’re looking to find your very first set of Bluetooth wireless speakers you definitely want to know more about this advanced built-in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Smart Speaker Technology.

What are The Best Bluetooth Speakers?

Bluetooth speakers use a network to connect to your devices with a signal or a pulse rather than with a cord. Remember how before if you wanted to listen to the music on your phone over a speaker you had to connect a cord?

Well, now you don’t need that cord. You just need a Bluetooth enabled Smartphone or Smart TV 4k that will connect to your Bluetooth enabled speakers.

It’s really that simple. And it’s definitely going to be a more convenient method for you to listen to the things you want. The Best Buy Bluetooth Speakers are: 

1. Amazon Echo Bluetooth Speaker –  Best Overall Picks Check Reviews & Price

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2. Sonos-One Portable Speakers – Best Overall Sound Quality Check Reviews & Price

Best Bluetooth Portable Speaker
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Now, most people are familiar with Bluetooth Speakers. However, if you are not, the following may be of interest to you. Firstly, you must also have a Bluetooth device in order for them to communicate with each other. This is, technically, known as ‘pairing.’

Now, you would need to turn on the Bluetooth feature on both your Smartphone, and the Bluetooth Speaker. When on, the Bluetooth device will scan and pick up any compatible Bluetooth signals, and prompt you to select pairing. Once you paired them, you are all set to go.

Let’s look at an example here. You just bought a Bluetooth Speaker and would like to pair it with your Smartphone. Why? The reason is that you may have hundreds of music downloaded to your Smartphone, and would like to listen to them while you are preparing food. The music you are playing over the Bluetooth speaker will be shut off by the phone when there is an incoming phone call, and you have full control over your phone.

Top Features of Bluetooth Speakers

Now, let’s say you’re sold on getting some of these speakers for yourself. You know they’re going to be great and you’re going to get a lot of use out of them. But just what should you do next? Should you just walk into a store and buy the first set that you find?

Absolutely not. Just because the basics of Bluetooth speakers are the same no matter where you go doesn’t mean that all of the features are. Figuring out the top features is going to be your next step, before you decide which ones to buy.

Bluetooth Speaker Size – The first thing you want to look at is the size of the speakers you’re considering. Do you need speakers that are small and easy for you to take with you when you travel? Or are you looking for large speakers that will allow you to throw the best party on the block? Knowing the size that fits your purpose will help you narrow down your search.

But keep in mind, just because your speakers are small doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful (and just because they are large doesn’t mean they are). There are other factors we’ll get to in just a minute to help with that.

Bluetooth Speaker Connectivity– What if you don’t want just a single speaker connected to your device? What if you want to set up a whole string of them? Maybe you’re having a party and want your music to play from all sides at once. Maybe you’re planning something special or you just want all those speakers just because.

No matter what the reason, you may want speakers that can be connected to one another. This is a slightly newer feature, but it’s one that’s starting to grow in popularity and it’s definitely going to make it more convenient for you to listen to the way you want.

Best Portable Bluetooth Smart Speakers

Output Power– The output power of your portable speakers is going to be available in watts and it’s one of those aspects that help you understand if your speakers are actually high quality.

A higher output is going to give you higher decibels and higher decibels is going to give you the volume you need to actually be able to hear your speakers when they’re playing something.

You want something that has at least 20 watts of power, because that’s going to get you right around 80 decibels and that’s going to allow you to at least somewhat listen to your speakers when you are outdoors (where it’s not perfectly quiet).

Bluetooth Speaker Channels– You need different channels in order to be able to get the right style to your listening. You may have a 5.1 stereo system, which means you get 5 speakers and a subwoofer. When it comes to your Bluetooth speaker you want something that’s going to give you the most that you can get.

With most Bluetooth systems you’ll get 2 speakers, but you may or may not get 1 subwoofer. If that’s something important to you make sure you’re watching for 2.1 on your speakers instead of just 2.0.

Frequency Range– You probably like to listen to different types of music, right? Maybe today you’re feeling a little more classical but tomorrow you want hard rock. Or maybe you expect your speakers to be used by more than just you and you want something that works for different members of the family.

No matter what you’re planning to use them for, you want to get as close to the full audible spectrum as you can. For the average person that’s pretty wide, 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, but you want your speakers to be able to take care of it.

Amazon Echo Best Seller
Amazon Echo Dot - Image Credit: Unsplash

Bluetooth Speaker Impedance– This is a little more scientific, but it’s something you should at least know a little bit about. There’s something called ohms (or resistance) that happens with electric current and impacts the power of the speakers. You want higher power speakers, right?

Well, that means you don’t want a lot of interaction with that power. It also means you want a lower level of impedance. The lower the impedance the higher the sound quality that you’re going to get. That’s all you’re really going to need to know in order to make a good choice.

Controls– You want to be able to use your speakers, right? That means you want to make sure you have a system that you can understand. Maybe you have no problem with the high tech needs of some speakers. Maybe you’re really good at all that technology stuff and you’re able to string together everything you need.

But maybe you’re not. Maybe you need something simple in order to get connected. If that’s the case, make sure the controls on your speaker are simple enough that you can use them easily (without spending an hour reading the instructions).

Bluetooth Speaker Decor & Style– The best way to choose a design is that to complement what other devices you already have. You may want to match the colors of the Bluetooth Speaker to the color of your Smart TV, or the style.

Some people may be interested in a rectangular design vs a circular design. Bluetooth speakers come in two varieties either wireless portable speaker or wired.

Bluetooth Speaker/Microphone– What happens if you’re listening to your music and something else cuts in? Maybe you get a phone call or a video chat. Maybe you get a notification or something else. No matter what happens on your device you want to know that it’s going to come through, right?

Bluetooth Speaker Compatibility– Is your speaker compatible with your phone or other device? Sure, they might both have Bluetooth capability but do they have the same Bluetooth capability?

Does your phone use 4.0 and your speaker use something else? Maybe your speaker uses 5.0 but your phone isn’t set up for that. You need two devices that are designed to pair together and that have the same (or at least compatible) version of Bluetooth technology.

Otherwise you’re not going to get any benefits out of the Bluetooth aspect of your speaker and you’ll have to connect through a hardline.

Battery Power – Look for a Bluetooth Portable Speaker with long-lasting battery life. At times, you may want to take it outdoors where a wall socket is not easy to find. You may also need to find out the life expectancy of the battery, and is it easy to replace.

Bluetooth Speakers - Image Credit: Unsplash

Should You Buy a Smart Bluetooth Speakers

One of the big things about the Bluetooth speakers is actually NFC. This is a slightly different method of technology that allows you to connect your device to a Bluetooth speaker without having to go through the process of pairing manually.

Instead of going into your device settings and telling it to pair with a specific, nearby Bluetooth device, you just bring the two devices close together and they’ll pair together automatically. It’s a little less secure because it means that anyone can pair with your system if they get close, but it’s also going to make the whole process a lot easier.

Floating speakers are also a new thing. In fact, there are some companies that are coming out with these really futuristic speakers that will allow you to make a truly unique experience out of listening to your music. Of course, this is only just starting to hit the market and very few systems are even available, but it seems like a pretty neat way to make a statement, don’t you think?

How cool do you think your friends would find it if you had a speaker that actually floats above the stand? NFC and floating speakers are not the only thing that’s currently going on in the Bluetooth world though. In fact, it’s only a small part of what’s going on.

The real big news is that Bluetooth speakers are being ‘Smart Speakers’ with A.I. That means they actually have a voice-activated system that allows you to talk to the speaker rather than having to push any of the buttons or get up and move closer to it.

When you want to change to the next song, raise or lower the volume or even pick a specific song, all you have to do is tell the speaker and it will take care of it for you, without you having to move. These Smart Speakers are very responsive to your commands.


What are the best Bluetooth speakers? All these Smart Bluetooth Speaker with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) are really beneficial in today’s home, or office.

The convenience of Smart Technologies will only continue to evolve, and you wouldn’t want to miss out how it makes life a lot whole easier.

The most competitive Voice Activated Bluetooth Speaker are:

1. Amazon Echo (Best Overall Picks)
2. Sonos One (Best Sound Quality)

Check out these two brands and see which one fits your budget and requirements for a Bluetooth speaker you can proudly own and enjoy. You may be interest to complement a portable speaker with a Smart TV 4k, or an Electric Fireplace to create ambience to your home.