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Free eBooks: Read Online

Are you looking for some free eBooks to read online, or free books to download? In this article, you will find 19 best free Books web sites where you can do just that. Reading on a daily basis can help us to improve our knowledge, and to improve our brains.

Get Free eBooks to Read Online Or Free Books to Download

Why you should read online or to download free books to read? Read books online is a good habit to acquire. 

Whether to read books for yourself or to your children, it helps our brain to age slower. Reading is a highly effective method to reduce the rate of cognitive decline in dementia patients, and aerobic exercises is the other proven research study. 

If you are a parent, it is an advantage to nurture a reading habit, and to help your child learn by reading to them while they are in kindergarten. 

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Furthermore, Reader’s Digest stated that reading is super food for the brain, and increases brain power. 

It is not surprising that reading helps us to grow as an individual. Whether you want to become an expert in a specialized field, or to build vocabulary, reading books on a daily basis helps you in ways you would never imagine.

Here is a list of 19 Best Websites to Download Free eBooks to Read Online or to download free books

(Free e-books download websites – In no particular order)

1. Google Play Books

Create your account at Google PlayStore. You can create a database of ‘My Books’ for easy access anywhere, and any time. You can find free e-books, and or purchase e-books via desktop or mobile.

There are several ways to read online or to download free books over Android or IOS mobile devices, or with selected e-readers, or to your desktop web browser.

2. Internet Archive

As a non-profit library, Internet Archive hosts millions of items including free books, movies, music, videos and more. This further includes many other universities archives. 

Although ProQuest is not a free online eBooks library, it is worth mentioning here. ProQuest covers many areas of scientific, and non-scientific fields. 

It is especially useful for students, and business researchers with a robust database of books and articles collections. It is the researcher’s database. There is a free trial if you are interested to learn more.

ProQuest is one of the largest database of research articles, and books. They have several subscription tailored for specific needs such as E-Book Central, Academic Complete, ProQuest Education eBook,  ProQuest Business eBook, Oasis, ProQuest Science & Technology eBooks, and MyiLibrary.


Gutenberg offers over 58,000 free eBooks to download with no fee or registration and no special apps required.

Bookboon has over 75 millions free eBooks for businesses, and free textbooks for students. They announced that all of their student’s textbooks are written by world top university’s professors, and these textbooks are free to download in pdf ebooks format.

Although not completely free, Scribd offers a 14 days free trial. And a subscription fee of 8.99USD a month. They offer over one million bestsellers books, audiobooks, and magazine articles. 

Books can be read vis the Scribd app on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle eBooks Fire or having access to their website. With over 80 million monthly readers, there must be a good reason why it is a popular membership website with the latest bestsellers books, and audiobooks.

The Open Library is an open library project with an editable library catalog. 

This site offers the best selection of audiobooks. You can donwload them to your iPod, Smartphone, and computers. 

WikiBooks is an open content textbooks that anyone can edit. 

Genres includes Romance, Actions and Adventures, Mystery & Thriller, Biographies & History, Children’s, Young Adult, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Literary, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Romance Books, and Science Fiction. Author are free to promote, and publish their books.

11. Feedsbook 

Feedsbook’s selection includes free eBooks, and paid e-Book. As a retailer of books online, their lists of books are mobile optimized.

For decades, Baen Books has been offering books on fantasy, and science fiction. 

 They now offer a free ebooks download section.


Find free children’s books here.  An excellent free ebooks download website for children of all ages. Parents or teachers can search books by age group, short books, long books, picture books, and much more. There is an option to filter books by countries, and keywords. Get free books for kids to read and help them gain knowledge and acquire the habit of reading early. 

14. Free ebooks offers categories in Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic, Textbooks, Classic, Fiction Audiobooks, Non-Fiction Audiobooks, Children’s, and others. They list featured books, Best Overall Books, and Great Book list plus more.

15. Get Free ebooks

This website claims to have e-books to download legally. They do offer a huge variety of categories including the latest free books. 

16. PDF Book World

A large selection of books in pdf format. Download high quality pdf books. Editions of eBooks pdf books include free children’s books. fiction books free pdf format, and fiction books  free downloads. 

17. Bookrix

Bookrix offers the capabilities for you to download free eBooks in epub format to your tablets and smartphone, or read from your browser. 

18. Book Yards 

A self-sustaining website that aims to be the library to the world. They have over 32 categories of bookyards database to choose from.

19. Free Computer Books

Free Computer Books is a hyperlink site, and they do not host nor own many of them unless specify.This site list computer books that are available from the Internet. 

Free ebooks Download Online


This guide provides amazing sites with Free eBooks To Read Online. We have carefully selected 19 best free eBooks sites that would be helpful for you to download books online. Do check on each of the free ebooks websites if it meets your requirements. 

As stated, two of them do require a membership, but they do offer a free trial, and it is worth including them on this list because of its quality, and for specific needs (such as for academic research, or for business research).

Overall, these eBooks download websites should be helpful to you if you are looking for free eBooks to download or to read online. 

P.S. Oh, if after downloading your free eBooks, you may want to read them with an over the ear headphone, or a pair of earbuds. Check out the Wireless Headphones that may interest you. 

How about the Kindle e-Reader tablet? You can get some free kindle ebooks too. Check out the best free music download sites too!