Amazon Echo Spot: Best Buy?

Amazon has done a commendable job by recreating your favorite home assistant. Amazon Echo Spot is not just about its cute looks. A first look at the device on the table-top might create an illusion of a well-designed round alarm clock. 

However, it is featured-packed and comes with unbelievable abilities in it is 104 mm x 97 mm x 91 mm dimension and 14.8 oz weight. It is truly an amazing Bluetooth device everyone must have in addition to your smartphone.

Reviews: Is Amazon Echo Spot A Best Buy?

How Amazon Echo Spot Works

The device is powered by Amazon’s cloud-based home assistant Alexa. It can perform numerous tasks starting from basic things like setting an alarm to really advanced features like controlling home appliances.

Read on to discover the 7 reasons why I would recommend Echo

1. Cute Design: You can go on and on gushing over the incredible design of the Amazon Echo. It is deliberately designed to be placed at your bed-side, waiting patiently for your next set of instructions. It comes in two color variants of black and white.

I have the white variant and it seamlessly matches and complements my room decor. The button placement also feels perfect and the only thing that is visible from a typical front view is its perfect round display.

2. Simple to setup: I was surprised by the ease with which the device can be set-up. I unboxed the Echo Spot and had it up and running in less than 5 minutes. I just plugged-in the device to the power outlet, connected it to the Internet over Wi-Fi and the device was ready to accept my commands.

In case you have issues figuring out how to set-up the device, just follow the on-screen instructions and your Amazon Echo Spot should be ready in no time. It is really easy to set-up.

3. Alexa: Amazon’s AI assistant Alexa is what makes the tiny device incredibly powerful. I just loved the way it could take voice commands even from a distance and perform the said task to perfection. If you need to check on the weather, make a quick call, play your favorite music, video call over Skype, set a reminder, or control compatible home appliances, it is all done just with your voice.

You can also personalize the display screen with your favorite picture or color. Isn’t that just amazing features for such a small device?

4. Call and Video Call Quality: Video calling on a 2.5 inch screen would have been below average had it been another device. The Amazon Echo Spot sports a sharp display that though small gives a reasonable video calling experience.
Calling experience is further enhanced on other Alexa-enabled devices.

It feels tailor-made for an integrated video calling experience with clear sound output. If you do not have an Alexa device, there is some good news! Amazon has rolled out an Android and iOS version of the application so that you can also experience the Alexa on your smartphone as well.

5. Sound Quality: I was a bit skeptical about the sound quality on the Amazon Echo Spot. Its tiny dimensions would not have definitely packed a punch when it comes to sound output. I was pleasantly surprised by the sound output quality.

Indeed, it is more than you would expect from a compact device. You can also connect more powerful Bluetooth speakers onto the device (cute portable speakers) for better and louder sound output. I was truly amazed that I have music throughout my home spaces with these connected Bluetooth Echo Plus speakers.

6. Info at a glance: The info at a glance helps you keep updated about the latest news, movie show-times, sports updates, check out latest music, set a timer, and check on family’s calendar.

7. Portability: Due to its small size, it fits neatly into any space, and I can move it to anywhere I want it.

1. I really felt that Amazon could have added a USB port to enhance the usability further.
2. The 2.5 Round Display could have been a bit larger, but it is better than the competitor’s model that does not have a display for easy features and functions.

Conclusion: Why I Recommend The ALL New Echo 

Reviews: Is Amazon Echo Spot A Best Buy?

The Amazon Echo is way ahead in competition to all other Bluetooth home assistants. Amazon has devices with a display on it while competitors still are looking for ways to embed a display onto such a compact device. I would easily recommend the device to anyone who is looking for a reliable home assistant that is smart, easy to set-up and use. It won’t disappoint you.

Alexa is one of the finest cloud-based assistants in today’s time and adds more versatility. Despite the cons, I would still strongly recommend this as a must buy especially when we compare this to competing products.

The Amazon Echo easily justifies its price tag and after using the device for 6 months now, I can hardly imagine life without it. It has all the features, I would need on a personal home assistant. It would be a great idea to have one in the kitchen and another one in the bedroom too.

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Yes, You won’t regret owning one !

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