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The Vision and Proliferation of Smart Technologies in the Next Generation

Hello, my name is L.Nicssen, and I have taught Information Technologies/Systems at several colleges for over ten years. I have since retired from teaching a few years back, but I am now an aspiring online entrepreneur. I am working with a partner on this, hence the word, “we” is used in this story. 

The Proliferation Of Smart Technologies

The continued advancement in technologies has created many positive outcomes to our everyday lives. Just imagine how the world has transformed now then it was back in the 1970s. Today, we are able to surf the web online at high speed seeking for information, and to make various online transactions in selling and buying globally, plus more.

Disseminating Smart Tech Consumer’s Products

1 Best Tech was founded to provide informative smart tech consumer’s product lists, and to promote smart tech products. Many high-tech companies manufacture top-notch products due to the active demand of the market place. 

Products such as the Smartphone, Smart TV, Smart Fitness Equipment, Biometrics Systems or Security Systems for the Home, High Tech Medical Products for Household, including Software Technologies, and more will continue to evolve.

For example, how would we choose a security door-locking system? There are plenty of options out there including those that integrates biometrics, or personalized numbering systems. The question is, which is a better than the rest?

These smart tech products have become a necessity in our daily lives. It does make life easier, and less hectic, or it may not. As an example, if you have been using a smart phone for some time now, how would you live your life without one? 

What we aspire to do

1 Best Tech, with our partners and friends, is to gather smart tech information, and to make those information available online to the masses. We would write helpful & simple to the point honest post about the positive and negative aspects of smart tech products. 

Our business model includes how to guides, reviews of smart tech products, and to help consumers who are seeking for technological innovation. Our focus is to help consumers pick the right smart tech products that fits their needs. This further includes quality free software, and other quality free to use products available. 

We believe in honesty (to provide honest unbiased information), and in giving back to our community. We support animal’s welfare, and we are against animal cruelty. We further believe in Green Technology, and everyone should too. 

We hope that you would browse through our smart tech products list. If you are looking for a lap top, a Smart TV, over ear headsets, or other smart tech products, you may find it here. Read our unbiased post on Wireless Headphones, Smart Watches, Blender, and more.

Our Partners

We are an affiliate to some big reputable corporations such as The Amazon, plus if any listed in our Affiliate Disclosure’s page.  

The Next Smart Tech Challenge for the New Decade: Artificial Intelligence

The continuous advancement of Artificial Intelligence technology has been remarkable. We shall be experiencing more and more products and services that uses some form of A.I. applications. Do check on our website on artificial intelligence applications, or for examples of artificial intelligence.