Best Electric Fireplaces – Guide

 It is not surprising that home fireplace adds ambiance and elegance to your home. According to the National Association of Home Builders, installing an electric fireplace to a home increases its home value or home resale value of up to twenty thousand dollars. Not only does it adds attractiveness to the home, it also safe you money in heating your home. Find reviews below and Get Your Best Electric Fireplaces at affordable prices..  

In this fireplace guide, we include up to 6 models of the best electric fireplace with their features. Whether you already have an electric fireplace at home or are looking for an electric fireplace insert, you will find this guide helpful.

If you are interested in choosing the best new electric fireplace to add as a focal point to your living room, check on their prices and compare them.

6 Best Electric Fireplaces : Models To Buy

1. MagikFlame Electric Fireplace with Mantel [SmartTech] + [Expensive] Check Reviews
  • Build by hand in the U.S.A.
  • Smart Tech app: Install the free app from the Apple Store, and control your fireplace anywhere within your home.
  • The Built-In electric heater heats up to 1,000sq/ft room (4,600 BTU’s).
  • Impressive real wood – crown-molding carvings on the top and base sections plus a white color finished matching any home décor.
  • Patented Holographic Technology to make it looks like the real log is on fire, and features real fire sound.
  • High-Quality Finishing
  • Perfect Ambience and Attractive Center Piece
  • Zone heating features to save money on electricity’s cost.
  • Safe for Children and Pets
  • Dimensions: 55″w x 48″h x 18”d
Image Credit: MagikFlame
2. Southern Enterprises Timothy Infrared [Affordable] Check Reviews
  • Adjust with a remote control
  • White Color Finished with appealing Faux Stone
  • Warms up to 1000sq/ft room
  • Safe to use and energy efficient
  • Dimensions: 45.75″ W x 15.75″ D x 40.75″ H
  • Automatic Shut-off, Child Safety lock, Pet Safe, and cool tempered glass
3. TV Stand with a Fireplace [Affordable] Check Reviews
  • Heats up to 400sq/ft room (4,400 BTU’s)
  • Support TV up to 60 inches wide
  • DIMENSIONS – 25” H x 58.25” W x 15.75” D
  • Great in the family room.
Electric Fireplace Inserts
This is a sample TV Stand With Electric Fireplace
4. TouchStone 80001 [Affordable] Check Reviews
  • Oynx Wall Mounted with 50 inches wide
  • 46 lbs – Easy Wall Hanging Installation
  • Eye-catching Contemporary Black Frame
  • Realistic flames with faux logs and crystals and Tempered Glass
  • Heats up to 400 sq/ft room
  • 50.4” in width, 21.65” in height, and 5.5” deep.
  • Safe to touch for children and pets
  • Modern and Elegant Visual
  • Energy efficient with LED bulbs
  • Built-In timer for auto shut-off
  • Adjust with Remote Control
Fireplaces Best Seller
Image Credit: TouchStone
5. ClassicFlame 36 inch [Affordable] Check Reviews
  • Warms Up to 400 Sq/ft room (4,400 BTU’s)
  • Built-in Electric Fireplace Inserts
  • LED Flame effect with 5 settings, and heat settings
  • Auto Shut-off with timer function settings
  • Safe for Children, and Pets
  • Easy to install Wall Mounting
  • A great addition to add ambiance to any room
  • Dimensions:36 x 7.6 x 24 inches
  • Adjust with Multifunctional Remote Control and Wall Mounted Thermostat
Electric Fireplace Top Brand
Inage Credit: ClassicFlame
6. Pura Flame 33 inch [Affordable] Check Reviews
  • Warms Up to 400 Sq.ft room
  • Black Framed design
  • Adjust with Multifunctional Remote Control
  • Energy efficient LED bulbs
  • Dimensions: 31.89″ l x 8.78″ w X 24.61″ h
  • Heater can become Hot when in use – keep children, pets and any combustible materials away
  • Easy to install, but ensure safety depth
  • Variety of Sizes to choose from
Image Credit: Pura Flame

Why Choose An Electric Fireplace Over Gas or Wood Fireplace?

The main objective or our first priority is safety concerns. If you have children or pets at home, you will not need to worry about them playing near to the fireplace. Electric fireplaces do not produce real fire, and its tempered glass window is usually cool and safe to touch.

Furthermore, an electric fireplace offers much more value to homeowners because it is easier to maintain as well. Unlike Gas or Wood Fireplaces, it does not require a chimney.

Below Are More Reasons To Consider An Electric Fireplace

1. Safety! It is cool and safe to touch with most models. It does not release any embers that could destroy surrounding areas. It is child-safe and pet-safe.

2. Zero pollutants compared to Wood and Gas fireplaces.

3. Installation: Easy, hassle free installation. Find a nearby electric wall socket and plug-in. Most models do not need any professional installer. You may even be able to install it just by yourself.

4. Maintenance: No maintenance required at all – Just dust the surfaces periodically. Never block the air vents, and never use a wet cloth or wet sponge to wipe.

5. A Piece of Décor: Electric Fireplace can be a piece of home décor, since you can turn off the heat settings, and turn on the visual fire display. It can be a focal point at your living room, or family room other than a Smart TV.

6. There are a variety of design to choose from that would easily match your home concept and colors.

7. Electric Fireplaces are cheaper to heat a home compared to the Gas or Wood Fireplaces. Electric fireplaces output 100 percent of the heat and without losing them as they do with wood fireplaces with a chimney. However, please check with your local electricity supplier on the cost per kw.

8. Electric Fireplace is quiet when it is turned on. Therefore, it would not interrupt you if you are relaxing, or reading a magazine.

9. It is easy to operate with the app on your smartphone (if the model has the Bluetooth capability, and respective app), and or the multifunctional remote control that is included.

10. The functional display is another convenient features, just like any Smart TV.

11. You can easily move them anywhere if it is a free standing model or a wall mounted model.

12. It quickly heats up with the coils inside the heater and blows the heat with an internal integrated fan.

Electric Fireplace Buyer’s Guide

If you really do want to add value into your home, and to buy a quality electric fireplace, do not consider cheap electric fireplaces. Cheap electric fireplace will have its flaw design, low quality materials, limited features, and it is not impressive at all.

It is better to invest in an Electric Fireplace that you enjoy and make you feel happy at home.

Electric -Fireplace-Gas-Wood-J

Important Safety Tips With An Electric Fireplace

1. Do not leave it plugged on when not in use. Children can easily operate with the touch of their fingers.

2. Do not install or keep near to a common area that is wet, or damp.

3. Do not use an extension cord where it is shared with other electrical devices as over-loading may cause a fire. It is much safer to plug it into one wall socket.

4. Educate children and pets and not let them play with, or block the air vents.

5. Do check the plugs, and wire periodically for any damages.

6. When away for an overnight out of town, unplugged

7. When using or turning it on overnight, ensure that you set the correct temperature desired, or with the thermostat. Although electric fireplaces are energy efficient, do check on your local electricity rates so you won’t encounter surprises when the bill comes.

8. Do not install outdoors unless there is enough space to prevent rain or water from splashing into it. Even so, it is a good idea not to install it for safety reasons.

9. Do not place small aquarium, water features, or flower vase on top of the electric fireplace.

Choosing The Right Size Electric Fireplace + Placement

Measure your room’s wall size where it would be installed. It is always a good idea to leave enough space between each end of the wall. You should also measure the area of the room so that it can warm up the area of the room.

You can do this by measuring the length and multiplying it by the width of the room. Once you have the measurements, you can choose the right model to fit the area so to avoid issues such as returning it back because it is not warm enough in that room.

It is also a good idea to match the color of the electric fireplace to your home color scheme. Some people may find it odd when an electric fireplace external finishing does not match their wall colors. It is a good idea to not place your TV right under an electric fireplace, such as a TV right under a wall mounted electric fireplace. It should be at least 24 inches apart.

The visual and light effects of the fireplace may cause a distraction. However, if it is below the TV, then it may be better, but it depends on the size of the TV and the size of the fireplace.

Save Electric Cost With Your Electric Fireplace

To save on electricity cost on for an electric fireplace, it is a better option to look for LED technology with LED bulbs to heat the room. Natural Gas and Oil Fireplaces may be cheaper than Wood fireplaces, but they are still costly compared to electric fireplaces.

If you just like the visual effect for ambiance rather than heat, turn the heat off. Always set the thermostat or temperature to the ideal temperature degree that you feel comfortable and warm enough for yourself. It is a good option to set it to automatically shut off after a period of time when the room is warm enough for that duration of time.

It is also recommended to completely shut it off overnight, or unless you have set it to the desired temperature.

Do check about the cost involve in running the electric fireplace with your local electric supplier.

Conclusion: Check Specs Before You Buy An Electric Fireplace

We hope this 6 Best Electric Fireplaces : Models To Buy is helpful to you.

Before you buy your electric fireplace, do check on the model’s informational booklet, and specifications. This would ensure that you are buying the model that fits your requirement for a beautiful electric fireplace.

For international buyers, please make sure the voltage meets your country’s specification. It is never a good idea to use a voltage transformer as it could potentially cause fire.

Use Fireplace Inserts For Existing Gas or Wood Fireplace

If you already have a wood fireplace, use a fireplace insert that has a fan that blows warm heat to room and prevent heat from losing to the chimney. Also, choose a tempered glass door (have it closed) to prevent losing heat, and for safety reasons.

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