Smart TV 4K – Smart Review: Best Buy

 Full HD has been dethroned by a new television: the HD Smart TV 4K with enhanced cinema quality. But what does that mean?

New technological development for home TV continues to drive market demand and with further expectations. Let’s review some historical events that have led to the latest Smart TV 4K developments. Since 1926, the reception of images on a cathode-ray tube was presented at the Royal Institution of London. This remarkable TV technological development has evolved ever since.

In 1930, the television was marketed for the general public. The 5-inch black and white screen is a luxury item at the time. Most people would flock to the home of a friend, or a nearby restaurant to watch the latest news, sporting events, and much more if they cannot afford one.

This sensation in huge consumer market demand for television further improves the quality of television over time. It gives way to a larger screen, which even takes color in 1954. In the 1990s, television is in every home, and it appeared along video game consoles.

6 Models of The Best Smart TV 4K Guide

Below are 6 models of the best Smart TV 4K and their features. See which of these fits your taste and your budget for a Smart TV. Check Price on Amazon and other models that fit your requirements.

1. Sony Bravia 65 inch Smart TV 4k [Expensive : High End] Check Reviews
  • 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED with 8 million pixels
  • Includes 2.1 Ch 4K HDR Sony Sound Bar
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Lifelike motion with MotionFlow XR Technology, OLED Display
  • Download favorite apps at Play Store
  • Dolby Vision for crystal clear pictures and sound effect
  • Weight: 110.5 lbs (50 kg) 
Image Credit : Sony Corp

2. Sony 55 inch UHD Smart TV 4k [Affordable] Check Reviews
  • 4K Premium High Dynamic Range (HDR) HD technology
  • Download Android Apps
  • Alexa Assistant Enabled
  • Lifelike motion with MotionFlow XR 960 tech, LED Display
  • Built-In WiFi
  • Ultra Thin Design
  • Extra-ordinary Brightness
  • 4K X Reality Pro upscales Images to 4K Quality
  • Tri-luminos Display
  • Front facing speakers
  • Weight: 73 lbs (33 kg)
Image Credit : Sony Corp

3. Toshiba 43 inch 4K UHD Fire TV Edition [Budget] Check Reviews
  • 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) tech
  • Alexa Assistant Voice Control
  • Built-In WiFi, Ethernet
  • Fire TV with channels streaming & movies
  • LED Display
  • Weight: 18.7 lbs (8.4 kg)
Image Credit : Toshiba Corp
4. Samsung 65 inch UHD Smart TV 4k [Affordable] Check Reviews
  • 4K Powerful Premium UHD (4X Full HD)
  • 4K HDR Auto Game Mode
  • Built-In WiFi
  • Bixby Voice Assistant
  • Dynamic Crystal Clear Pictures
  • Weight: 58.2lbs (26 kg)
Image Credit : Samsung Corp

5. TCL 55 inch UHD Smart Roku TV [Affordable] Check Reviews
  • Mobile App with Roku Remote
  • Connect Wireless Headphone via Mobile App
  • Great for Video Games
  • Built-In WiFi
  • LED Display
  • Weight: 30 lbs (13.6 kg)
Image Credit : TCL TV

6. LG 43 4K UHD TV [Affordable] Check Reviews
  • LG TV with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) ThinQ Technology
  • LG A.I. Voice Control
  • Built-In WiFi, Ethernet
  • webOS Smart Streaming and paired with the remote for easy controls
  • Weight: 18.5 lbs (8.4 kg)
  • LG IPS Technology for enriched colors
  • HDR 10 and HLG advanced tome mapping technology
  • Ultra Surround Sound
Image Credit : LG Corp

Evolutionary Technological Change :: Smart TV 4K

Finally, the 21st century has landed with its flat screens, full HD, Smart TV connected, Wi-Fi enabled and now the 4K Smart TV with cinema quality. All of these terms are often used instead of each other, but do they all mean the same thing? 

Strictly speaking, 4K TV and UHD TV (Ultra High Definition) are not synonymous: 4K TV resolutions are the professional cinema standard set by the Digital Cinema Initiatives (with a horizontal resolution of 4,096 pixel, and vertical resolution un-specify) while UHD (with a horizontal resolution of 3,840 and a Vertical resolution of 2,160 pixels) that refers to consumer screens and the type of broadcast. 

The differences (already discussed) between 4K and UHD would not be discussed since it does not matter much to consumers now. As long as the Smart TV 4K is able to provide cinema quality standard with amazing HD picture and color quality, Wi-Fi enabled, a flat screen, that would be important factors for a successful investment.

Simply put, we are talking here about the successor of the Full HD TV, a resolution that until now represented the top quality regarding visual experience. There is a possibility that you own a Full HD TV at home, and with limited functions as of today’s standards.

But evolution continues to develop for better quality pictures and enhanced colors pixel. That’s why today the 4K supports up to 4 times more pixels than Full HD.

Smart TV 4K offers a more accurate, sharper, more detailed picture. The term 4K refers to the professional cinema standard. Often, we talk about UHD (ultra4K TV) that offers a more accurate, sharper, and more detailed picture.

We talk about UHD (ultra high definition) television in synonymous, it’s not the same thing, but it’s very close. UHD refers to consumer screens and their definition. Having this best smartTV is having a cinematic quality screen in your living room.

More and more programs are adapting to 4K resolutions. With a 4K TV, you can watch any channel, movie or TV series with superb visual quality. The quality will always be superior to a Full HD.

But for it to be at its maximum, you will need a video file with 4K quality too. Rest assured, more and more platforms are producing visual quality in 4K, like Netflix, YouTube or 4K Blu-ray.

Best Smart TV 4K

Smart TV 4K: resolution for large screens

4K TV offers four times more pixels than an HD TV. This is, therefore, an exciting solution for large screens. Thinking of having a TV with a screen size that exceeds 48 inches (121 cm)? Chances are that Full HD TV would not support bigger screen size with its resolution capability. Even if it does, the picture quality is not good enough compared to the latest 4K Smart TVs.

If you are looking to watching a high resolution crystal clear picture quality, then you need to consider a 4K Smart TV. It will allow you to enjoy a more detailed picture. Applications like Netflix and YouTube already support this format, and soon all content will be released in this format.

More and more other services (streaming) will share their content via the 4K. Therefore your investment into a 4K Smart TV is justified in the long run.

Advantages of Smart TV 4K

The benefits of 4K TV are apparent. Potentially, sharper images have more details with higher resolution. The viewing experience is even more intense, the cinematic pleasure even more exceptional. The quality of older movies converted to this format is far from the quality of the source material. The movies recorded and broadcast on Blu-ray 4K will offer an incredible visual experience when watch with a 4K TV.

What is Smart TV 4K ?

The word Smart, in a TV, means that it has further features and capabilities. Unlike just a 4K TV, a 4K Smart TV most significant features is the ability to connect to another device. Therefore, it has Bluetooth technology built-in, a wireless functions that recognizes compatible devices in nearby distance.

A Smart TV 4k offers much flexibility. You can opt to connect to another device or not to connect, or when you wish to connect. Common devices connection or pairing are the wireless headphones, wireless ear-buds, desktop or laptop computers, your current Smartphone, a wireless portable speaker, or home theater systems, or similar devices that has Bluetooth technology. You can also watch movies, and videos online over WiFi connection.

Other 4K Smart TV capabilities include downloading of apps from the Play Store, music, and much more. Some models may have Smart assistants such as Alexa, and Bixby, or others.

Bluetooth Connection/Pairing

When you purchase your 4K Smart TV, you can start pairing it with any Bluetooth enabled devices. Commonly paired products are the wireless speakers, or Alexa wireless portable speakers, and your home WiFi.

Read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Bluetooth connection is usually an easy process. If you are in doubt, check the set-up instructional booklet for pairing information of Bluetooth connectivity.

“Need” is, of course, a big word. No, you do not need a 4K Smart TV. But by investing in a 4K Smart TV, you would be able to enjoy the latest HD quality features, and multiple connections to Bluetooth devices you may already owned. But if you’re a real movie enthusiast who wants to make the most of every visual experience, then a 4K Smart TV is for you.

Choosing the correct size Smart TV 4k and viewing distance

Although there is no specific guidelines on choosing the correct size 4K TV, the distance between your TV and sofa are recommended guidelines (Optimum HD TV Viewing Distance). This includes a nearest view angle of 31 degrees, and a maximum view angle as low as 10 degrees.

Smart TV 4k (Ultra HD) TVs Viewing Distance:

  • 40″ – 4.0’ – 6.3’ (1.22 – 1.92 m)
  • 42″ – 4.2’ – 6.7’ (1.28 – 2.04 m)
  • 46″ – 4.6’ – 7.3’ (1.4 – 2.22 m)
  • 47″ – 4.7’ – 7.4’ (1.43 – 2.26 m)
  • 50″ – 5.0’ – 7.9’ (1.52 – 2.41 m)
  • 55″ – 5.5’ – 8.7’ (1.68 – 2.65 m)<
  • 65″ – 6.5’ – 10.3’ (1.98 – 3.14 m)


We hope that this guide would help you to know more about 4K Smart TV and for you to choose the right 4K model, and features according to your specific needs. Do remember to check the space in your room for comfortable viewing distance above. 

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