19 Tips To Sell My House Fast


How to sell my house fast at market value or at a higher value above the current market price? Yes, you can if you follow the home seller’s tips below. You can sell your home faster, and probably at a higher price than the current property market price.

The 19 Tips to Sell My House below have worked in many economic conditions. Sell your home no matter if the property (real estate) buying or selling trend is up or down. This 19 tips to sell your house fast will be beneficial and should not be over-looked.

Many home sellers are concern if their home would sell once it is listed in the selling property listings sites. Many are also concern if their Real Estate Agent has the network or ability to sell their home within the time-frame agreed, or at the price that they wanted. Selling a house can be a frustrating event.

Honestly, I have always asked myself these questions in the past. The main reason is because I need to sell a house in order to buy another, given that the mortgage company or bank are unlikely to finance two or more houses depending on my income and expense factors.

External Variables You Can’t Control

If the property’s location, and property’s structural conditions is perfect, then these tips would be useful to sell your house quite easily. Furthermore, you have to understand the economic conditions of your location (such as income level of potential buyers), mortgage and banking regulations, nearby school and colleges, and crime rates. These are the external variables for home selling conditions. This information should be available at your local City Hall, or from your property-listing agent.

Internal Variables You Can Control

Now, let’s discuss about the things you need to do before you list your property for sale. The tips to sell your home are dependent on these internal variables (below) that are the internal space and external space of your home. These internal variables are controllable, and you can make changes to them. If you do most of these tips, you may sell your house faster than you may think.

19 Tips To Sell My Home Fast

Put Yourself in the Shoes of the Buyer, Not You.

Put your self in the homebuyer’s shoes. What are the most common things that a buyer would look for in purchasing a home for themselves? You might think that your house is perfect, from its décor, colors, scent, and everything else. It may be perfect for you, but not necessary for the buyer unless you have found your twins that may feel the same way.
The 19 tips below are generally a good starting point to start your projects to sell your home faster from a buyer’s perspective. Let’s go, and check out what make a house to sell it self (just like what most people would do to dress-up for a job interview).
‘Dress-Up’ the House to Sell Faster & at a Higher Perceived Value

The Two Most Important Rooms for a Home: Kitchen and Bathroom

The two most important rooms in your house are the Kitchen and the Bathrooms. I am sure most of you are aware of this, but are you making enough effort to make these two rooms sale-able? Most buyers would walk right into the Kitchen, or are at least curious, when they come to your Open House. Why is this so? Research after research has shown that a well-maintained kitchen is the highest criteria from a buyer’s perspective. This has also been stated by the National Association of Home Builders
1) Kitchen : Remodel the Kitchen (if necessary)

The money you put into remodeling the kitchen would be the best investment you could ever make to a home. The kitchen can make your home ten to twenty thousands dollars more if remodeled.

Outdated kitchen is a big disaster from the buyer’s perspective. Remodeling your kitchen is good investment NAHB because the kitchen tops the reason a house is sold almost immediately, other factors being equally good. How about some features of a Smart Kitchen?

Tips to Improve on the Kitchen to Sell Your House

a). The Kitchen needs to be updated and functional

After all, people do spend quite a fair amount of time in the kitchen preparing meals, and or cooking. Therefore, the kitchen sink, and water piping system must be working property.Also, the kitchen counter-top, cabinets, stove, and ventilation hoods must be in good conditions. The colors of the cabinets are although subjective, it is also important since the buyer may factor in the cost of changing them.

b). The other movable big items, such as the refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher are not as important. However, it may be a good idea to change them to a better model if affordable, and if not, it should be fine since the buyer may replace them with the models they prefer. However, these appliances should be cleaned thoroughly during the Open House event.

c). The space and size of the kitchen matters. However, it is difficult to renovate in a few weeks. Some buyers may want an island in their kitchen, and some may not. But anyway, space and size of the kitchen is beyond control at this moment. To counter this issue, a large mirror can be hanged across the wall to solve the space and size issues.
d). The colors of the walls should be neutral colors. The same goes with any wall tiling, and no major crack. There should not be stickers or crayon. Also, the paint is of professional quality.
e). Lighting, such as the brightness of the kitchen is an important factor. Use good lighting features and enough lights to illuminate the kitchen. Bright lighting makes the kitchen welcoming.
f). The material of the floor, such as material durability is a factor besides the floor must be spot cleaned.
g). Remove all cooking pots and pans, and all other kitchen utensils, and accessories. Keep them away, or inside the cabinet during an open house. This way, the buyer can imagine what products can they place on the kitchen counters or table. Besides, a clutter kitchen brings bad vibes, and seems unhealthy. Remake the Kitchen to sell your house as necessary.
2) Bathroom Tips To Sell Your House

The other most important room is the Bathroom. Check the bathroom for any water leaks, such as the shower, or bathtub. Make sure that the bathroom is clean, especially the toilet bowl and washbasin.

Place a beautiful hand wash soap dispenser, plus a clean white towel on the railings. Sanitize the mirror, glass, and floor. Remove all other bathroom accessories. Project the bathroom as an elegant and peaceful room, just like most five stars hotel would. Install a big enough vanity mirror and a waterproof bathroom cabinet to help easy storage of bath accessories. These two items can be a great home selling point.
3) Remove Clutter To Sell Your House
Remove all belongings, even if it seems cute to you in all rooms. The major condition here is to make a good flowing of space that equals to good Feng Shui. Clutter is a big disaster in selling your house.

4) A Bright Sunlight

Make the house bright with clean windows. Drapes should be tied-up, and external canopy should be rolled up. This is to allow more sunshine into the house, especially during an Open House. A bright house is welcoming, and the buyer may want to see what the view is through the windows.

5) Window Dressing

Clean the window’s drapes, and curtains. Make sure that the curtains colors are neutral, not gloomy or sad/pale colors. Remove curtains if no one lives in there.

6) Interior & Exterior Wall Colors

Choose neutral colors for the walls. Some interior designer may use different colors and color hue for painting different walls. This is definitely a personal taste. However, neutral colors (such as beige, sand, or even white) offer a relaxing mood. Although white color wall is boring, it does project a brighter home. Let the homebuyer decides what colors they would like after they purchase your house. Repaint if necessary and check for cracks on the walls, and any drawings. You can use this DIY kits to fix wall cracks quite easily.

7) Living Room

The living room is a room where your guest visits, and to share a conversation. Make sure that it is bright, and offers a relaxing atmosphere. The best living room has few items place on the shelves, or table. In the living room, less is more. Place a light color rug under the coffee table. Clean the floors, and floor corners (vacuum, mop or wax) according to the floor materials. A well placed electric fireplace adds elegant and relaxing atmosphere, especially in colder climates. Fireplace is one great selling feature to buy or sell home faster.

8) Simple Home Décor

As less is more, place one or two larger items in the living room or family room. This includes any wall-hanged items. Place one good size framed poster or paintings of good taste with neutral colors matching the color (or in matching color hue) of the wall. The reason for this is because when the buyer walks into the room, they can imagine what they already own fits into the space of that room (or perhaps what they would want to place in that room). Display items should be of good taste, and pleasing to look at. Remove all little figurines, and excessive items.

9) Dust free Home

Make sure the windows, and the corners of each room are dust free and no debris to be found. A dust free home is a healthy home.

10) Spacious Bedroom

As with the living room, remove all items except a bed and a side table with a decorative lamp. Make it bright with neutral color drapes. The bedroom should allow enough space so that the homebuyer can imagine what fits in there if they were to buy your house.

11) Storage Space: Closet and Basement

Clean it up, and make it tidy. Remove all old, and unwanted stuffs. Make sure the lights are bright enough. Make sure there are no insects, or any creatures hiding in there. Do not scare the homebuyer with additional housemates that they are buying into.

12) Termites and Home Inspection

Get your home inspected for termites, and any common home inspection necessary when selling your house. Provide the home inspection report to the property’s listing agent. Doing this is your honest action in selling a house in good faith, and with nothing to hide.

13) Garage or Parking Space

If there is a garage, clean it up. Often, most homeowners leaves a lot of stuffs in their garage. When it comes to selling your home, remove all items in the garage. Make space for the homebuyer to judge if their car fits in the garage without scratching their car. Makes sure that the garage door and garage opener is functioning properly, and in good conditions.

14) Washer and Dryer

Washing and drying machines ought to be placed in its respective areas due to plumbing and air outlets. Make sure that these machines are functional, and clean. Accumulated dust, and lint are bad impression of an unhealthy, and untidy living conditions.

15) Doors Conditions

While visiting Open Homes, I have been to a home where one or two of the doors were dented or cracked. That is a bad home selling judgment. Imagine if the homebuyer is not a DIY person, and these little mistakes may turn the potential homebuyer away.

16) Home Lighting

Most people like a bright home. Brighter homes give more energy, and live to the people who lives there. Good and adequate lighting are necessary. Although a personal taste, dark and gloomy rooms are not welcoming to most homebuyers. As a home seller, you need to allow the homebuyer to see and to view the home. I would suggest using energy saving light fixtures.

17) Front Porch & Back Porch

Visibility of the house entrance matters, and for home security reasons, make sure there is adequate lighting. Installed a home security device, and let the homebuyer knows about its feature. A Safe Home makes a Happy Family. Wireless Home Security Systems is one best smart tech you need when buying or selling a home.

18) Yard/Gardens

If there is a front yard and/or a back yard, make sure the lawn is tidy, and green enough. Remove all weeds, and plant some beautiful flower plants, or potted plants with colors matching the exterior color of the house.
19) Decks
If there is a deck, hire a freelance deck cleaner to clean it or with DIY power washer. Remove years of debris, and other unwanted collections to the deck. Weatherproof the deck to make it shine, and clean. Make it spacious, and inviting with one or two suitable items to be placed on the deck.

Stand Out from the Crowd of Home for Sale listings.

Make a ‘Buy-Me-Now House vs a ‘Please-Buy-Me’ House

Selling your home takes some effort, and you need to cover most of the conditions from a homebuyer’s perspective. I hope this 19 Tips To Sell My House Fast Is Helpful. You maybe lucky enough to find a homebuyer that may want to buy your house almost immediately or without many major clauses or requests.

Therefore invest in your house with elegant décor, and fixes for a higher home selling price.   The tips above would help sell your house quicker, in any economic conditions and property trend in your neighborhood. Remember, your house needs to be dressed up in order to sell, as we would in any circumstance by approaching any prospect to achieve a sale.

* I have sold four houses in the past twenty years (all self owned which I live in and sell to buy another – I am not a real estate agent or a home speculator that flips home). Three of which were sold at a higher market price within one month except for one (due to an outdate kitchen plus an outdated bathroom). It was then sold after a small renovation in six months from first listings.