Best Free Music Download Sites

What is the best free music download site? The truth is there are many great sites. You can find different genres from Pop Music, Blues, Reggae, Hip-hop, Country Music, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Rapper, Punk Rock, Heavy Metal and more. Some of these sites have free music download from independent artist as well.

If you need free music for commercial uses, please check with the respective website if they allow for commercial uses, and the conditions or if commercial licensing is required. However, most of these Best Online Free Music Download Sites will allow you to use them for personal use.

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16 Best Free Music Download Sites

Start to create your own Playlists on your desktop, or transfer them to portable devices, such as your Smartphone, iPod, an external storage or USB drive, or burn your own CDs. With all the free music downloads, you can enjoy them whenever you want, and wherever you are. Listen to them while you go jogging, hiking, traveling, in your car, or in the comfort of your home.

Below is a list of 16 Best Free Music Download Sites which we feel are good sites with quality free music download. Check each site for yourself that meets your taste of free music.

1. YouTube

The largest video social media site could also be the best online free music download site. You do need to convert the music videos to MP3 format, which is easy. If you want to find just about any song you can think of, then YouTube is for you.

Use the free YouTube Downloader tools to download music videos and transfer them to your smartphone, play them on your Smart TV, or transfer to any devices that fit your needs.

YouTube audio library is another channel to download free music and sound effects (royalty free) that you can use in your videos. However, you will need to sign into YouTube to create your audio library then choose ‘Free
Music’. Furthermore, you will need to use the Creator Studio Classic at the moment.

2. Spotify

Many people consider Spotify to be the best online free music download site. Spotify allows you to download music to a desktop manager or you can create playlists and then share your music download with your friends. Just like YouTube Music, there are many songs you can find there.

3. Jamendo Music

This lesser known site offers completely free downloads, which are all protected by Creative Commons licenses. The creators of the songs have given people permission to listen and download their music. Check out Jamendo Music if you want to discover a few hidden gems.

4. has a lot of great features, such as recommending artists you should listen to. The site allows you to download and listen to music. One of the best things about this site is the music is sourced from places like YouTube and Spotify.

Free Download Music Sites

5. Pandora

Although not available everywhere, Pandora is still a popular music streaming site that is completely free to use. You can find and listen to all of your favorite music. All you need to do is enter the song you’re looking for or type in a name of an artist. Pandora will then build a radio-station around your choices.

6. 8Tracks

This site is a bit different than many of the other ones on our list. You can find music in eight categories. You can either find songs on your own or you can just listen to the tracks that 8Tracks have created. This will allow you to find new music you might not have known about.

7. RadioTuna

RadioTuna lets users find radio stations via song, genre or artists. If you have a desktop player installed, then you can search for radio stations. However, you can use your browser to search for them too. Regardless of the way you choose to find music on RadioTuna, you shouldn’t have an issue finding music that appeals to you.

8. Deezer

Deezer is a lot like and Spotify. There are over 30 million songs you can find on here. When you sign into your account, you can find other users’ Playlists and listen to it if that’s what you want to do.

9. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a free streaming service, but there is a way you can find and download music. Many of the artists on SoundCloud allow users to download their songs. However, it will take a bit of work to find songs that you can download. When songs can be downloaded, you’ll notice the “download” option, which will be visible if the artist has enabled it.

Image Credit: Amazon Music Download

10. Amazon Music Download

Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce site, has a music download section. If you have a music downloader, then you can browse their selection of music and download the songs that interest you the most. With such a large selection, finding music you’ll love will be easy.

11. ReverbNation

This site is similar to SoundCloud and it is home to millions of emerging artists that span across many genres.

Many of the artists who have their music on ReverbNation have decided to allow their music to be downloaded for free. The way it works is simple, you find music you love and choose the songs you like the most.

12. Wynk Music

This site is different than others on this list because the focus is on Indian music. If you’re a fan of Hindu music, then this is the site for you.

There are plenty of songs you can download for free, but there is a paid-plan option that gives you access to many more songs. However, the free version will likely be enough for you.

13. Spinrilla

As of this writing, Spinrilla allows you to download hip-hop mix-tapes. One of the best things about Spinrilla is they add new mix-tapes regularly. In fact, they add new songs almost daily.

14. SoundClick

This site has free music downloads and music you can pay for. There are all types of artists on here, including those who are independent, unsigned, signed and more.

Both new music and older music can be found via SoundClick. The site might not be as popular as many of the other sites on our list, but it continues to grow in popularity.

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15. E-Music

If you pay a subscription fee for a membership, then you’ll have access to millions of songs to download. However, there are songs you can download for completely free.

A free membership also allows you to store music via the cloud and you can access other stuff such as free audio-books, music collections and videos. This is the site for you if you’re looking for cool music.

16. 7Digital 

Search for music download via recommended, genres or awards categories. The songs on the site are of high quality, and their interface is very user-friendly. Not all tracks are DRM free, but many of them are. Another benefit of using this sit is if you open a free account, then you’ll be given a digital locker.

It is also worth mentioning that there are not a whole lot of songs and artists to choose from. There is a decent number of songs, but the selection isn’t as large as many of the other sites on this list. Nonetheless, 7Digital is well-worth trying out.


As for which is the best free music download site, all of these 16 Best Free Music Download Sites are good. You can’t go wrong with using any of them. Simply choose the ones you want to use and enjoy free music. Good luck on finding music via the above sites.

When downloading free music, do make sure they are royalty-free, or it is in the creative commons. Some may require further attribution if you use them on your YouTube videos. Most of these sites are good for personal use, and not necessarily for commercial uses. Please check on the respective sites for licensing and conditions.

We hope that this article would be helpful to you if you are looking for information on the Best Free Music Download Sites.

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